Brulen and playing his Rickenbacker Bass

A Multiple Career Expert

Brulen, a pseudonym representing part of his born first name and part of the greatest influence in his life, Lennon... (John, that is), and known as Bruce Bierman to those in business, and Bru to his friends, is a multi-talented and self-educated established expert in several fields of endeavor.

Brulen's multiple spheres of experience can be viewed by clicking on one of the above tabs, each containing a bio in its own merit and accomplishment.

His love for music has brought him full circle, right back to where he once belonged.  That long and winding road has led him back to where his life started: singing, writing and playing songs.  Brulen shares his thoughts, music and memories with you and sincerely hopes you will enjoy the genuine spirit he brings.
Brulen's Rickenbacker
Brulen's Viola
Brulen's Keyboard
Brulen's Snare