Brulen and playing his Rickenbacker Bass

Inventor & Network Designer

After several years of traveling on the road as a sound engineer, Brulen found a new career in telecommunications.

It would seem that music was not yet on the horizon.

Thus, he started out as a telephone installer and gained the know-how of intricate color-coded cable and building wiring and central office connectivity.

Brulen then escalated his education in this field by taking on extensive factory training with ROLM & NEC, and learned about digital telephone switching systems and networks.

Within a year, Bierman oversaw over a hundred service and installation technicians and worked on special projects for the Chairman of The Board of ComPath, the exclusive California ROLM Digital CBX (Central Business Exchange) distributor.

Brulen saw a need for automating the company's service procedures and developed a system called AutoPoll®, for which he filed and owned the registered trademark.

AutoPoll was the first remote automated diagnostics system that tested huge business' digitally switched telephone systems remotely.  Creating a software package using a telephone line and a personal computer to run daily and nightly systems tests, Bierman's AutoPoll invention automatically informed the phone company's service department of an equipment outage before a customer could even determine such a problem existed... eliminating a service center call.  And, this is where his Bookmark's concept was actually born.

Generating a daily system report containing and a pre-diagnosed parts and repair procedure, AutoPoll saved both thousands of man-hours and the additional travel time to needed ascertain failures and solutions.

After selling a number of these systems and earning huge proceeds, Brulen parlayed the profits into his startup computer business.  And, at night... he was snooping around as debugger.  And, when he wasn't doing that, he was playing bass in a local San Francisco Bay Area band called 'Pillar Of Fire.'


Brulen's Rickenbacker
Brulen's Viola
Brulen's Keyboard
Brulen's Snare