Brulen and playing his Rickenbacker Bass

Background & John Lennon's Influence

Brulen, a music lover and passionate musician and performer, was born Bruce Bierman on the fifth day of November in 1954 in New York City.

Growing up on the streets of The Bronx and feeling the vibe, Brulen first began expressing himself through song as early as the seventh grade, though he first connected to music, like many, when The Beatles were first heard.

He actually wrote his first song when he was only sixteen... a tune called
'Greasy Boogie Woogie,' and is included on his new CD, 'Rules Made To Be Broken.'

That song {under another name}, was played by Brulen with his early 'SteppenShit' band, which eventually led to his meeting up with David Peel of 'David Peel and The Lower East Side.'

'Bru' joined forces with David and became a part of his band, subsequently being introduced to John Lennon, the former Beatle.  Subsequently, Bru performed on Peel's album called 'The Pope Smokes Dope,' released on
The Beatles' Apple Records, that Lennon and his wife, Yoko Ono produced.

At the age of seventeen, Bru found himself in the company of the former Beatle Lennon.  In fact, Lennon was so taken with that 'Greasy Boogie Woogie' song
Bru had written, that they developed an ongoing friendship that would last several years.

Lennon had an enormous influence on young Bruce and his music and was quite helpful with many of the tunes Bruce was writing.  Not only was he extremely supportive to Bru as a young and learning musician, but also very concerned about his life and his direction.

Brulen, having gained the helping hand of such a man, also learned the intricacies and methodology Lennon used in recording and producing his own material, and mirrored his perfectionist attitude in everything he did.

That very experience can surely be heard and felt in all that Brulen accomplishes as a recording artist.

More about the John Lennon and Bruce Bierman connection can be found at:

However, Brulen was later blessed with being around some of rocks greatest stars under the guise of a sound engineer, having the opportunity to be up close and on stage mixing for legends Jerry Garcia, Grateful Dead; Guitarist Jorma Kaukonen and Bassist Jack Casady (Jefferson Airplane & Hot Tuna); and several others.

Brulen took advantage of every occasion to learn their craft, and it shows in his musicianship.  The inspiration from all these greats has catapulted Brulen into a realm of musical understanding and connection he could only dream.

Strongly influenced by the bass playing of Paul McCartney, and the intricate guitar work of George Harrison, and both of their songwriting expertise, Brulen thinks in melodic terms of catchy melodies, very much like Lennon and his former cohorts.

And it should be noted that he did truly have 'a little help from a friend.'

On his current project, 'Rules Made To Be Broken,' Brulen explores a variety of musical styles ranging from classic rock to country to adult contemporary, with a great group of artists.  This never released compilation will finally see the light of day early next year, but tracks can be heard on this site, and downloads will soon be available.

Brulen will also add two more tracks entitled 'Little Bird' and 'Was It You?' that he performs in entirety, singing lead vocals, playing every instrument, arranging, recording engineering and producing the whole shebang.

There is an eerie feeling you get when you hear these tunes.  It's as if there was, well... just listen for yourself and you figure it out!

There are very few who have lived the life Brulen has lived, but he shares these experiences and moments with you through his unbridled passion for music, and his compassion for righting wrongs and writing songs... just as his friend John taught him.

Brulen plans to release much more music over the coming years as he has dedicated himself to this path.  Though he has an intriguing, but diminutive discography, Brulen already has an arsenal of over forty songs he performs,
and enough material for five full CDs!

While he's still investigating, Brulen has not yet signed with a record label.  However, Brulen plans to seek sponsorship with major beer or beverage companies.  With a nickname of 'Bru' and a name like 'Beer-man,' it could certainly afford itself to a great combination for a coffee or beer outfit.

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