Brulen and playing his Rickenbacker Bass

Computers, Development & Publishing

Bruce Bierman {Brulen} started up a computer hardware sales business after the successful development of AutoPoll®.

He launched his business with stellar AutoPoll sales proceeds and attained the lofty prerequisites to become an Authorized Value-Added Distributor (VAD) for IBM (International Business Machines).  He further extended his business to include a wide variety of vendors' hardware and catapulted his gross sales to over $2 million per month!

In fact, he sold the Grateful Dead their first Apple Macintosh computers and personally installed them in their San Rafael, California 'Round Records' office.

He was also a teacher.  On nights he wasn't debugging, you could find
Bill Kreutzmann or Brent Mydland (of the Grateful Dead) or Ross Valory (of Journey) at his Novato, California home receiving private computer lessons.

And, spending daily afternoons loading truckload orders onto forty-foot semi- trailers using his forklift wasn't enough.

One 1984 evening in a San Rafael Japanese restaurant named Fujiyama, he came up with a concept for new software that would put a computer to sleep and wake it up, and then drew it on the corner of a placemat.

It turned out to be what became known as 'BOOKMARK,' a software package that, after installed, put a computer to sleep and woke it up right where it left off... a sleep mode, auto-resume & suspend-resume... all in one. If you are an avid PC/Mac user, you may remember his products.

Released In 1986, BOOKMARK was the first and only of its kind. No other PC/Mac in the world had the ability to suspend and resume and startup right where it left off after power off, outage, shutdown or reset... just like an electronic bookmark! And, Mr. Bierman initially set up a software publishing company named 'Intellisoft International' to market his software.

Over a twelve-year period, he acquired more than 37 distributors in 22 countries and the product was translated into five foreign languages, and had overseas offices in Austria and The Netherlands.

Bierman licensed his technology to some of the most prominent computer makers in the business, encompassing many users/licensees, from 'Main Street' America to The White House to the German Post Office to all ends of the globe.

His technology was licensed to Siemens, Acer, Fujitsu ICL, Astec (BSR), and Emerson Electric, among others.  Bookmark was offered in several flavors. It was also called 'Stop 'N Go!, 'TurboStart,' and other names.

And, the BOOKMARK software products were sold in over 9,000 computer stores worldwide, including Egghead and ComputerLand. Several computer publications and newspapers touted the product as did the many people who visited Intellisoft's very cool comedic booth at Comdex... where in fact, Bierman personally met Mr. Bill Gates, Chairman, Microsoft at the middle stages of its development.

It should also be mentioned that Brulen was still doing his debugging work during the light of the moon, and took a brief stint to begin the recordings of what will be known as 'Rules Made To Be Broken.'

And, one last item of note... he also owns a web design business that has created some very beautiful and comprehensive websites.

In fact, his computer skills are beyond extraordinary.  This entire website was fully designed and coded by Brulen himself, with no outside help whatsoever.  All of the artwork and functionality of this site is the complete work of Brulen.

He even custom-built the computer that he used to design this site.

Brulen's computer expertise is sought after by professionals because of his uncanny ability to troubleshoot, answer questions (like a walking and talking technical manual) and assist others in business startups.

More about that can be read in his Business Bio.

Currently, Brulen is the guru and CEO of his new startup company called noomble, another invention which will no doubt be of great use to millions of internet users.  More about noomble will be announced in the near future.


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