Brulen and playing his Rickenbacker Bass

Business, Marketing, Consulting & Legal

Bruce Bierman {Brulen} became well versed in business as a result of starting his own companies and having to learn everything he needed to know to be successful.

As a result of him starting his own computer company Intellisoft, he spearheaded sales, marketing and legal issues, and cultivated relationships that would teach him about intellectual property and contract law.

He has assisted several companies with incorporation, shareholder agreements, and even his own legal issues.  Brulen handles all of his own trademark and copyright filings, in addition to writing his own musician agreements, contracts, distribution agreements, and software licensing contracts.

Under a small tenure for an online printing company, Bierman's marketing skills were, in part, responsible for taking that company from one million dollars in annual revenue to over $14 million... and in just under twelve months.

Occasionally, Bierman consults for clients to assist them with starting up, incorporating, writing the business and marketing plans, and even coming up with incredible product names and concepts.

Now that Brulen has re-entered the music biz, he also manages himself, handling his own business and legal affairs and is responsible for all decisions and arrangements as a recording artist.

Brulen means business, but loves music, and you can read more about that in his Music Bio.


Brulen's Rickenbacker
Brulen's Viola
Brulen's Keyboard
Brulen's Snare